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The Harling name has been synonymous with Brittany Spaniels for over forty years.  Ron Sr. (Doc) bought his first Brittany Spaniel in 1961 named Jetty, a female from Ernie and Nora Facer of Highbrow’s Kennels.  His intention was to have a family dog/hunting companion.  Being a veterinarian by trade Doc was acutely aware of the importance of good genetics.  This led to a study of the Brittany Spaniels breed and the established blood lines of the time resulting in him expanding his hobby.  

A second female was purchased appropriately named Penny, a Rusty of Highbrow bred dog. This was the start of the Harling’s Brittany Spaniels breeding program.  Early breedings led Doc to such notable sires as A.J.’s Hilltop Pierre... Joel’s Copper Jauque... Gringo DeBritt... and Waycan Fritz. Ever looking to compare and improve, Doc started loading the kids (there are 7 of us) and Brittanys in the station wagon and traveling to area field trials.  Not only did this provide a gauge for the young Harling dogs but it extended the season for working the dogs and extended the Harling family into the field trial world.  To date three generations of Harling’s have been in the winners circle with home bred Brittany Spaniels. 

Forty some odd years later and a Futurity winner, a National Champion, four Classic winners, five American Field Champions and six A.K.C. Field Champions later the Harling’s are still at it.  Retired from the field Futurity Winner... A.K.C. Field Champion... American Field Champion Windagail’s Last Trade (Chip) and A.K.C. Field Champion... American Field Champion Whiteout (Whitey) are standing at stud. 

 Hot on their heels are A.K.C. Field Champion... American Field Champion... Fade to Black (Mac) and Lakota’s Rebel Jac (Jack).  Mac and Jack are currently with professional handler Chad Holman of Whittington Illinois concentrating on their field work with hopes of another win at the American Brittany Club National Championship in Booneville Arkansas. 



Some of Our
 Brittany Spaniel Puppies




Brittany Spaniel Puppies are available by contacting us via email. These Brittany Spaniel Puppies come from the same famous lines as the Champions.

Bringing Brittany Spaniel Puppies to good homes is a satisfying way of sharing our success with the rest of the World.

On a final note, we also offer a fine line of Tennessee Walking Horses Our Tennessee Walking Horses are bred with the same love care and passion for offering only the best  to the equestrian World. If you have an interest please email us and include Tennessee Walking Horses in the subject line of your letter.



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brittany spaniel puppies

brittany spaniel puppies

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