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The Harling name has been synonymous with Brittanys for over fifty years.  Ron Sr. (Doc - pictured above), bought his first Brittanys in 1961 named Jetty, a female from Ernie and Nora Facer of Highbrow’s Kennels.  His intention was to have a family dog/hunting companion.  Being a veterinarian by trade Doc was acutely aware of the importance of good genetics.  This led to a study of the Brittany breed and the established blood lines of the time, resulting in him expanding his hobby to competition and breeding.

A second female was purchased appropriately named Penny, a Rusty of Highbrow bred dog. This was the start of the Harling’s Brittany breeding program.  Early breeding’s led Doc to such notable sires as A.J.’s Hilltop Pierre... Joel’s Copper Jauque... Gringo DeBritt... and Waycan Fritz. Ever looking to compare and improve, Doc started loading the kids (there are 7 of us) and Brittanys into the station wagon and traveling to area field trials.  Not only did this provide a gauge for the young Harling dogs but it extended the season for working the dogs and extended the Harling family into the field trial world.  To date three generations of Harling’s have been in the winner’s circle with home bred Brittany.

We have been blessed to have owned such notables as FC Rimarda’s Rebel Jac, NFC, FC Rebel Jac’s Hammering Hank, Am. FC, FC Windagail’s Last Trade, NFC, FC Rebel Jac’s a Hammerin Dandy, FC, Am. FC Whiteout, FC Fade to Black, GFC, FC, AFC, 9x AmFC, 2x R/U NFC Black Creek Deacon, FC, Am FC Black Creek Blaze and wild birddog extraordinaire, Black Creek Tim.


Rimarda’s Rebel Jac was the National Futurity Run Off Runner Up, and the following week took third in the American Brittany Club National All Age Championship, all at the age of 2.   


Rebel Jac’s Hammerin Hank,   Jac’s son, got the win at the 1996 National All Age Championship in Booneville, Arkansas.


Hank’s son, Rebel Jac’s Hammering Dandy also took a first in the American Brittany       Club National All Age Championship in Booneville, Arkansas, besting a  field of 69 in 2008.

Black Creek Deacon, a nephew to Dandy, knocked on the door twice, garnering Runner Up in the American Brittany Club National All Age Championship in 2014 and 2016. Deacon ended his career as the winningest Harling Brittany, titled as a Grand Field Champion, Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, 9x American Field Champion and 2x R/U NFC.

Windagail’s Last Trade held his own for a decade. In 1997, he won the Eastern Futurity. In 1999, he was the Runner Up American Brittany Club National All Age Championship in a field of 89 starters. That same year, Ron Jr’s dog White Out took 4th, an impressive year for the Harling’s dogs by anyone’s standard.

Currently standing at stud is FC, Am FC Black Creek Blaze, son of Deacon.

Regardless of the field trial wins, some of our most enjoyable times with our dogs have been afield, following them in the pursuit of upland gamebirds. Each of the above dogs proved to excel as wild birddogs before they went on to a field trial career. Every fall, a group of us load EVERY dog in the kennel and head to the Midwest. Pheasants, Sharp tails and Hungarian partridge are our pursuit, with a goal of exposing our dogs to real conditions and determining who has the natural ability to continue on in our program. Trips to the northeast and north augment this, pursuing grouse in woodcocks in the heavy covers of New England. Lastly, the occasional trip to the southwest for desert quail, and other covers for bobwhite, rounds out our travels. It’s nice to stand in the winner’s circle behind your winning dog, but not nearly so enjoyable as watching a young pup you bred, raised and trained, work a running wild bird to perfection, pinning them with a high lofty point, waiting for the gunner!

Fifty plus years later and a Futurity winner, two National Champions, three Runner Up National Champions, five Classic winners, five American Field Champions and six A.K.C. Field Champions later the Harling’s are still at it.  No longer able to jump in the truck and travel to the mid-west for the major championships, our dogs are campaigned by third generation Brittany trainer Chad Holman of Whittington Illinois. Black Creek Summit (Tim’s son by a Deacon female), Black Creek Comeback Kid (Blaze’s son) and Black Creek Cruise (a Deacon son) are all spending the summer with Chad on the prairies of Nebraska, hoping to be the one to carry the Harling banner in competition for the next generation. 

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