Terms & Conditions

Selecting Your Pup

Order of selection is controlled by me.  I reserve the right to select and keep any puppy(s) from the litter. Competition owners get the next selection, then hunters and then pet owners. 

Selections are done after the pup has had a physical to ensure you are getting a healthy pup.  If the timing is bad or you decide you don’t want a pup from that litter, you will slide to the next litter and be allowed to select from it. 

If you decide to not get a puppy, I will return your deposit if I am able to sell your pup by the time they are ready for pickup.  If I am unable to sell the pup by pickup day, your deposit is forfeited. If you decide to get a pup at a future date, your deposit will be applied to that purchase with proof of deposit presented to me. 

Pups must be picked up within a week of the pickup date unless special arrangements are made.